Our Services: Planning

Our Services: Planning

Arts Environment brings clarity and understanding to the complexities of these problems with the objective of defining a clear path to remediation and restoration. Planning requires knowledge of the extent of the water damage and its impact, whether hazardous materials are present, whether they have been disturbed or compromised, whether the contents have been damaged by water or by the release of contaminants and the steps necessary to protect the building and its contents.

Karen Kahn helps clients understand their insurance needs and whether they carry adequate coverage. Arts Environment helps clients ensure that the contractors who work for them remain accountable for their work. By educating their clients as to the processes involved in remediation and restoration before work starts, the clients are better able to evaluate the scope of work and their contractors’ performance as work is underway and ultimately completed.

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The quality of building restoration and preservation of valuable property is dependent on the careful selection of competent contractors. It requires a commitment to remain involved in the abatement and restoration process. Improper remediation techniques have the potential to cause widespread contamination due to the disturbance of building materials which have mold growth, asbestos, lead or other contaminants.
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